Monday, February 22, 2010

Our week with Isaac~Day One

Monday Febuary 15th

We got in our car for the long 2 hour drive to waterville, Maine. When we got there it was so great to see Isaac and Skylar. We havent seen them for right around a year or so, so it has been a while a very long while. Sky didnt want to come the first time which is ok she needs time to adjust I think before she can be away for such a long time frame from home. So anyway we stayed for a couple hours and visited with Des, James, Peanut (skylar) and Ashton, then it time to go.

The drive home was pretty quiet Jonah napped most of the way and Ike played his DS. When we got home it took alittle bit of time for Isaac to get comfy but then all was good. We got back alittle late so we had sketti and then all went to bed :) and that was our first day with Ike.

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