Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Feb. 25

Today I had off from work thank goodness! All tho I had a meeting at work for health insurance at 8:30am. So Jonah and myself got up early and got ready and went to the meeting. He was very excited to see my friend Peggy that he has met a few times. He also got to meet Patty, Dana, Kari and a few others. After the meeting we stopped into the pre-school so Jonah could see the kids in there. He was alittle overwhelmed but was ok.

After that we went to my moms for a visit. I had to bring a humidifier that I exchanged for my grandmother and a "muff" that I knitted for her up so, I thought it would be a good time for a visit. Mom and Rick was working (from thier home office) but still working none the less. But was able to keep poking thier heads down saying hi. They came down to have lunch with us and that was fun for Jonah getting to play with them for a hour! Then they went back up and we left.

Some pics from lunch with Grammy and Grampa~~





Then after that when we headed out we went to my dads, I know what you are thinking, Man what a busy day! And yeah you are right! But we went there to visit and got to hang out for about a hour and 45 minutes which was cool. My dads misses Jonah and Jonah misses him. I wish we lived closer, and my dad had his lience it would make it alot easier on me lol but whatever.

Then we came home had supper, gave Jonah a shower, and put him to BED! He was a tired little boy! And that was our busy day visiting!

Work tomorrow Iam pot washer tomorrow woohoo, cant you hear the excitment in my voice?
Night All!!

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